Difficulty with getting started guide for April board

I am working to understand how these devices work and I am following the the Get Started Guide.
I have copied the code from https://developer.electricimp.com/gettingstarted/developer/agents and it builds and runs as expected on the IDE providing the URLs for turning the LED on and off. However the I get no response from the imp or the LED.
I am not sure how to troubleshoot? any help would be appreciated.

What do you mean when you say you get not response? I assume the LED does not turn on or off? Are you seeing any log messages from the device? If so, it’s working, but your LED may not be fitted correctly. If you’re not seeing log messages, I’d check that you are copy and pasting the ‘LED on’ URL into your browser correctly, and that your device is connected to WiFi (slow green flash from the white SD-style card after a cold start)

Did you do the previous page, https://developer.electricimp.com/gettingstarted/developer/helloworld, successfully?

Thank you -
I think the device was offline - most likely that was the issue as I started a new browser window and it all works today. I noticed yesterday that I was not seeing the (status) or (Device) messages.
I do not completely understand why the device was offline or how to bring it back online but maybe that will sort itself out as I continue to experiment.

If the device seems offline, just power-cycle it. It will attempt to reconnect on startup, and you can monitor the status LED to see if there’s an issue. For a fresh connection, I’d expect maybe half a dozen or so read and orange flashes followed by an even slow green flash indicating a successful connection.

If see solid green instead, the imp is updating its OS — it’ll reconnect afterwards and you should see the slow green flash. If you’re only seeing red and orange, you’re not connected for some reason. Let the pattern settle down for a moment or two then check it against the states: https://developer.electricimp.com/troubleshooting/blinkup#current-codes to see where it’s getting stuck at.

For imp001, 99% of the time it’s either a badly entered WiFi password, or an attempt to connect to a 5GHz WiFi network (imp001 only does 2.4GHz).

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