Differentiating imps

I have two imps that have been blinked up. When I am in IDE, how do I differentiate between the two - what will I see in the IDE? Thanks.

There is a function one can call:


Also, at the top of the code pane there is a heading that looks something like this

“Device = 20000c2a_andmorecharacters”

Just by looking at the device, is there any way to tell what the “andmorecharacters” is?

I blink up my imps one at a time, change the name from the ID to a friendly name like “C3V0+2”, and put that on a sticker on the device. Same as with a new puppy, but better behaved.

Is there an API variable that contains the “friendly name” you’ve renamed it to? I’d like the agent to be able to see that friendly name so that it can store it along with other data coming from each imp.

Right now, it appears to me the only way to do this is to manually keep a lookup table that matches deviceid to a friendly name.

I believe the friendly name is an artefact of the IDE, not the device itself. You will be able to access the name through the upcoming IDE API (for folk who want command line access to the IDE).

The friendly name is an IDE thing. The device is referred to exclusively by the scary-looking hex number. Note: “device”. The imp (if you’re using a card) has its own ID.

I use a label printer for my imps and Aprils – http://blog.differentpla.net/blog/2013/11/22/labels-for-aprils

Me, I just write the name on the back in permanent marker

You must have neater hand-writing than me…