Difference between developer-only account and an account able to promote to ops?

Having tired of BlinkUp issues with my “old” account, I decided to move my devices to the account that I requested to enable me to eventually promote devices to the Ops console. While devices are still in the IDE portion of the latter account, do they behave the same as if in the developer-only account? I seem to be experiencing issues with a device not displaying log information (no, the device has not been promoted to Ops). The MAC is: 0c2a6906be80. There is a possibility the device is simply offline (it’s on a cellular modem at a remote site), but I have no way to check that.

Never mind…it seems the cellular modem decided to take lunch break. It’s back online. That being said, are there differences between the two types of accounts from a developer’s perspective?

Apart from the additional tools/services the two types of accounts from behave in the same way from a developer’s perspective.