Device.send() throughput

whats the biggest message size device.send() and friends can handle? and what happens if you call it faster / more often then the network or imp can handle? will the agent code stop and wait or will messages get lost?

trying to think if its feasible to use the imp as a remote arduino serial monitor and programmer
it would have to upload 32k of firmware, cut in chunks of 512 bytes or 1k for example.


The size is really limited by the imp’s space to receive it; we tend to not use blobs bigger than about 8k in most of our code.

Messages will be buffered to some extent, then data can be dropped - there’s no explicit back pressure on the agent yet as there is when the imp sends (on the imp code will suspend until there’s room to send the data).

Yes, you can use it as a remote arduino programmer. Here’s some example code that we used on the impduino:

…this one just sends the whole arduino flash image in one go, but chunking it is also very possible if you don’t have 32k of ram about in your imp code.

Hugo, what ever happened to the impduino or Duino or whatever it was called?

Are there still plans to release it?

We have a pile of them but didn’t ever do the final software so they’re kinda just sitting there.

You have a good use for one?