Device Offline

Device was working a day before from a different Wi-Fi. Turned it off. I am at a new place with the same machine and the same browser. When device is connected to laptop, the imp blinks a few times. IDE shows agent running and device offline. The device doesn’t know the new Wi-Fi and I am trying to set it up. But nothing works.
Device id: 23527f7838a609ee

Do I need to do anything else?

You need to blink up the device again to tell it the new wifi details.

There’s no data connection between the laptop and the imp, it’s just power over the USB cable, so it can’t get wireless settings from your laptop.

Thanks. That worked! Curious to know, will there support for running device only code from laptop (such as imp.setwificonfiguration(ssid, password))?

Well, you can do that if you implement a way for the laptop to talk to the imp… eg hooking up a serial interface.

But no, there is no USB interface on the imp and only ground and power lines are connected on the April board.