Device offline

Hi, I’ve this problem : after two week I connect now, the Imp to new shield for testing with new circuit, but the state of agent is running and the state of device is offline. When I try to Build and Run from Ide all is Ok but the state of the device is the same : offline. When I power on the electricimp, green led flashing (is ok!) but the state no change in online. Why ?
Now I’ve connect only the shield with electricimp to the power and all pin are free (not connected with wire), but no change the state of the device.

If the browser says the device is offline, and you know that the device is online, just reload the page. This usually solves most issues where a browser gets out of sync with the server - and thus the device.

Yes, I reload the page, but nothing change!

Now the state of agent is “stopped” !

Now is ok, the agent is running and the device is on-line. Maybe that the browser is is the problem ? (Now I’m using Chrome)

The IDE is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox. Most other browsers should work, but we don’t promise it. However, Internet Explorer will not work unless you are using version 10 or above.

I use Firefox 30.0 right now on an ancient XP system using Core 2 Duo and it works great!