Device offline on impcentral

Hi, my devcice 0c:2a:69:00:40:ec is offline in impcentral, although, it is online on our wifi network, what is the problem?

That device has been blessed. It’s going online (hence the association with your WiFi network) but being rejected by the server because of an incorrect token type.

Are you trying to reconfigure it with the Electric Imp app? You’ll need to unbless it first.

I just want to give it a new SSID and password, can’t I do that with the electric imp app?

No. That will attempt to re-enroll the device as a development device, and that’s what’s causing the issue. What you need to do is re-configure the device with the production app that you’d expect an end-user or field engineer to use on site — as the device is, by being blessed, an end-user device.

Basically, the rule is:

  • Blessed devices are configured with BlinkUp SDK-based apps
  • Unblessed devices are configured with the Electric Imp app

There’s one special case: configure an unblessed device with a BlinkUp SDK-based app. This is enabled to allow the SDK-based app to be tested on development devices, but it requires the device to have been added to your account with the Electric Imp app and assigned to at least one Device Group.

Ok, now it works…! thanks!