Device not showing up in IDE

I have been trying to setup the electric imp and code for it, but I am not able to see the device coming up on the IDE. The blink up process is working fine, the imp gets connected to the network (blinks green), I can see the device on my IP list, but its not showing up on the IDE.

If it’s blinking green, it means it’s connected to the imp server, which is a good sign.

Can you double check that the account you signed into the Electric Imp app and did BlinkUp with matches the account you’re signed into the IDE with?

Also - double check the ‘Unassigned Devices’ section in the left nav to see if you need to expand it (with the little arrow):

Yes, the account I signed into imp app and the account i signed into are the same.
I dont find anything under unassigned devices. I have 0 devices

Hey @anoop - looks like you were trying to blink up a blessed device to a developer account, which you can’t do.

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Hi there,

I experience the same issue.I have an imp001 dev edition and after the device went through the blink up and connected to the net (ping is fine) I can’t see it in the IDE.


Can you re-try this now? We noticed an error with new accounts which should be fixed now.

Dear Hugo,

Now it works, thanks a lot for the support !


I have the same issue that caxenie. I can see my device and create a model but I can’t see the IDE. Any solution?

I don’t quite understand; you can see the device and create a model but can’t see the IDE? The IDE is where you see the devices and create models.

Have you opened the model (click the arrow by it) to show the devices that run that code?

I had the same problem on Friday. It was server related as I spoke with someone who was experiencing the same problem at the same time. We could log in, and the Model-related stuff was on the left hand side of the screen but the IDE was nowhere to be found. It sorted itself out after about 5 minutes.

Ok, that’s very strange. Could you give a fairly exact UTC timestamp so we can look in the logs?

Exactly the same for me. Since I added a second model after my first one, the device that was assigned to the first simply disappeared, and is nowhere to be found. I re-blinked it, to no avail. Moreover, if I delete the second model, when I logout and login again, it still appears.

edit : happened in the last hour : around 2015-06-28 15:00:00 CEST, +/- 45mn to be broad.

edit 2 : so frickin’ broken I had to create a new account, using another email, and restart all of this to finally get to work again. Thrilling !

Can you explain a bit more about the devices? Remember that it’s the device the imp card is plugged into which appears in the ide, NOT the imp card. If you create a new model and assign the device to the new model, it’ll vanish from the old one, even if you are using a different imp card.

I also have an imp001 and after the device went through the blink up and connected to the net, I can’t see it in the IDE (0 unassigned devices).

Are there any devices listed at all in your ide? What’s the mac address of the imp?

No devices listed in my IDE. I have situation similar to user vinouz (see post June 28). It was working in the beginning. Then I added new model and assigned same device number, after that I lost device number. Then I was trying to delete “broken” model and it appeared again without device listed at all. If you still need IMP mac address should I sent privately to you? Thanks!

The imp mac address isn’t much of a secret (people knowing it won’t cause any issues), but you can send it via PM if you want.

Hi Hugo, I sent you my mac yesterday via PM

Hi Hugo, did you receive my information? Is there a way we can communicate real time, or I can call you, so we can resolve this issue? Thanks!