Device not respond to factory blinkup

I’m testing the factory blinkup/blessing process.

The device has got power connected and is blinking amber. After the device is factory-blinkup, the amber light continues to blink as if nothing had happen. Factory log on that device id also has nothing.

The device was used for development before, though I have cleared the config and deleted it from the ide before doing this, also double-checked the wifi credentials in the factory firmware code.

The factory blinkup fixture uses a white LED. The device does work fine with dev blinkup from iphone.

Please advise what may be going wrong? - thanks.

Is your fixture set up as the factory imp for the target production model? If not, then the call to server.factoryblinkup() will fail. What is the log from the fixture reporting?

Yes, it is - and logging does show on production factory log which I use for test monitoring when new factory firmware is pushed and during blinkup operation.

The code for the factory blinkup fixture is pretty much the same as the sample code (except for network details, of course, and pins used)

Hi - looks like using BLINKUP_ACTIVEHIGH | BLINKUP_FAST does the trick (I was using only BLINKUP_FAST before as per code on github).

Now I can see stuff in device factory log :slight_smile:

Per the documentation at

Whether you require BLINKUP_ACTIVEHIGH or the default setting will depend on how your BlinkUp LED is connected in your own factory BlinkUp fixture. The Electric Imp BlinkUp fixture requires use of the BLINKUP_ACTIVEHIGH flag, as does the circuit shown below, but a custom-made BlinkUp fixture may not.