Device not recognised as factory imp

I’m trying to get the imp device to work as factory blinkup fixture but the FactoryTool does not seem to recognise that the device is running factory firmware.

2017-09-21 10:08:11 +01:00 [Device] …FactoryTools.isFactoryImp() : false
2017-09-21 10:08:11 +01:00 [Device] …FactoryTools.isDeviceUnderTest() : false
2017-09-21 10:08:11 +01:00 [Device] …FactoryTools.isFactoryFirmware() : false

Currently, the model in which the device is assigned to is marked as factory firmware, though it is not assigned to any production model yet as I just want to get the blinkup fixture to work on its own first.

What do I need to do to get the device recognised as a factory imp?

Many thanks

The fixture’s on-board imp is not a factory imp until it’s actually set as one in the target Production Model, so these tests will fail until (a) you make that assignment and (b) you deploy a promoted version of the code to that factory imp.

You can still test your factory firmware, but just work around those calls - just as you need to do for server.bless() and server.factoryblinkup().

Couple of additional things. First, impCentral is going to make all this a lot easier (it has a full factory test capability) and, second, just in case you’re using an imp001 card in your fixture, please bear in mind that this will not be supported from December 4, 2017, so you should switch to a fixture based on an imp module. If you’re already doing that, there’s no need to make any hardware changes.

I’ve got it working - thank you :slight_smile: