"device logs" showing blank screen


My agent is running, my device is connected, however my my device logs ( server.log(“text”); ) does not show anything.
I have had about twenty responses earlier on, but after clearing the log there is nothing now.
Have I been punished for using the server log function too much yesterday?
I have already cleared the Firefox browser cache and restarted it - what else coud I try?

Now it’s over two minute and it still hasn’t recognised that my device isn’t online any more. It still says “connected”. Could it be someone else has the same ImpID as me?

Took the imp out, back in, now the server log messages have reappeared.

It sounds like you might have an infinite or busy loop in your code… yes/no?

I’m having the same issue. Just started today. None of my server.log() calls from the device code are showing up in the logs. Happened right after the firmware update.

More info: My device is visible,

My device connects to wifi (blinks green). It shows as “device online” in green at the top of the IDE. When I “Build and Run”, I get:

2014-10-01 16:34:35 UTC-7 [Status] Device Booting; 2.33% program storage used

It all seems good BUT it doesn’t seem to execute any of the code in the device code window. Even a simple “sever.log(“test”);” as the device script doesn’t result in anything appearing in the log.

The device was working just fine a few hours ago. But then I saw it did a firmware update, and now I can’t get it to do anything.

Agent code works fine.

Any ideas on what I should do to overcome this stumbling block??

I actually experience the same problem and it help to refresh the page, and if that doesn’t help to close the browsertab and to login again. But this is not very convenient.

@jijidad2000 - Your device is one of a very small number (<10) that was caught by a strange bug last night - when you moved a device from one model to another, the imp wouldn’t download the new code.

It has since been resolved, but if you continue to see strange behaviour let us know!