Device logs not showing up on web IDE or CLI

My imps have been a little quirky today with the new IDE rollout. Now that everything is back up and running I am having an issue that I’ve run into many times, though it does seem to happen when work has been performed that day. Hoping someone from the Imp team might have some insights.

The TL;DR is Device logs are not showing, but the device is working as it should. This is great because my device is working, but frustrating when I am debugging and developing.

The good:

On it says my device is online.
Running imp devices --online shows my device with the correct device_id as being online.
The imp flashes green on boot to indicate wifi connect.

The bad:

imp-cli shows no device logs. shows no device logs.

Anyone know what’s up? The problem usually solves itself over the course of a few hours. Hoping tomorrow it’s back to normal.

I don’t see anything wrong on our end - if you PM me the device ID (and make sure it’s online for a bit) I can troubleshoot further.

The ide listing the device as offline happened last time there was a major ide upgrade. It reverts to the correct state if you press Build and Run.

I note that the line spacing on the console log is significantly greater on Chrome (PC)

I also note that the Documentation menu now offers links to “Crumpets”. I know a few meanings of crumpet, but this one is new to me. :slight_smile:

cough Ah, it seems we left in a bit of our internationalization prep work - thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, @coverdriven, you’ve made me hungry now

@gino still seeing the issue today. I will leave the device on as much as I can until around 5pm today. I will PM you the id too.


Doing some further investigating and found out where the error is coming from.

I am in the process of writing an iPhone app that uses the iPhone BlinkUp SDK. If I BlinkUp two separate devices with the Electric Imp app from the App Store it all works as expected. Device connects and logs properly.

If I use the app I am making to BlinkUp the device, it “connects it” meaning if I push a button on my breadboard the device side see thats, passes info to the agent side, get my data from an API, and move a servo, but doesn’t log any of that on the device side and shows up as offline in the IDE and CLI.

I’ve been working on this app for maybe 2-3 weeks and don’t think I noticed this before. Would this have anything to do with the IDE being updated and the SDK needing an update? I am using the latest iOS SDK build.

Thanks so much for the help so far!

Ah, that explains a lot. I didn’t realize that you have a commercial account / SDK access. The issue is that you’re using a production plan ID for BlinkUp, which doesn’t support logging in the way that you’re familiar with:

Could you file a support ticket (either by logging in with your support account at or emailing so we can discuss further / send you your developer plan ID?