Device Logs, how much can I see in history?

Today I could see upto 11 hours in the history of the device log. What are actually the limitations? Amount of text in the log, or the time? And can I go further into history? And could it be that there are gaps in the device log?

The system stores 200 lines in the backend. Lines are limited in length (I think to 2k?)

The browser may collect more. There will be no gaps in the log. It’s not possible to go further back, but with the forthcoming command line tools you can collect log lines locally and keep all the lines you want.

Hugo Re: “with the forthcoming command line tools” when will this be forthcoming? :wink:

It’ll be ready when it’s ready, @DaleGomes. We’re not saying when that will be.

If you’re a commercial customer then we can provide the current command line tools, so ping us with a support ticket if you’d like access. These aren’t final but they work well for many.

These aren’t distributed to everyone as they’re fairly immature, which is why we’re holding back wider distribution until the real tools are available.