Device log (not scrolling)

Hey imp community,
I am writing some code with a pot and my data coming in is not automatically scrolling. This means I have to scroll down look at incoming data in the device log and then scroll down. Its just really annoying, I think once a long time ago I changed it so I can look at the incoming data without it scrolling to do some math on paper. But now I need it back on. lol this was like 5 months ago and I cannot remember how I did it

Does anyone know how to turn automatic scroll for the device log in the electric imps ide

Try refreshing, always works for me?

oh man, I would love to know the answer to this. I am so tired of constantly reaching back for the mouse to scroll the recent data into view. I didn’t know there ever was an auto scroll option. I may have once been able to hover the mouse pointer over the down arrow and that caused it to constantly scroll but that went away with one of the IDE redesigns.

what does “refresh” mean?

one can reload the page but that seems pretty brutal. and only works just once.

if you have your cursor in the log pane, it won’t scroll

that’s it! for me anyway. whew!

don’t know why I never noticed that : |

thank you.

Thanks DolfTraanberg, life it’s a little bit easier now…

It’s actually a very good idea, since it means you can look through the logs without having the line you’re viewing suddenly disappear off the top of the page as it’s pushed out of the way by incoming messages.

Ok I figured it out for mac users

  1. if you want it to not scroll use safari
  2. if you want it to not scroll use chrome