Device data retrieval error

I have a problem with ORBneXt cube.

I do everything on the instructions from the website, in the application, make the settings wi-fi, the device comes online, but the application writes an error “device did not connect”. And i dont see device in

Test on android & iOS devices (sony xperia, android tablet, iphone4, ipad2).

Error text from IOS app:
“Device data retrieval error.
An error occured and device data could not be retrieved.
If this happens often please contact Electric imp support.”

ORBneXt cube can controlled by application, but i dont see device in

P.S. If i use service ORBneXt cube work correctly.

The Orbnext Cube is a commercial product not a development device so it won’t appear in the IDE. This is because it is locked to the application software it is running and can’t be ‘cleared’ to run any other application (which is what developer devices can do, via the IDE).

You will need to contact Orbnext and asked them to ‘unbless’ your Cube. If they are willing to do so, then you will be able to use the Electric Imp mobile app (not Blink’n’Play) to reset your Cube and have it appear in the IDE.

It will never appear in the IDE unless it is unblessed, but be warned: if you unbless the device you will lose its current application software and you won’t be able to get it back unless Orbnext sends you the source code.

PS. If you want to keep your Cube as it is, Orbnext also offers a development board you may want to use instead. This does work with the IDE.