Development devices on production firmware

What are the ramifications of having a development device on production firmware? We also have production devices blessed & using this model.

  • Development Device
  • Blinked up with electric imp app
  • Attached to the model manually
  • Production Devices
  • FactoryImp blessed imps
  • Blinked up with our app (production planids)

Will they both work basically the same? Other than the dev devices using the dev planid, what’s different? Will they both get new builds of the firmware on reset?

I have various production models which were created for testing and blessing; these models I update regularly and run on development devices without issue. The only difference beyond those you state is that to update production devices (ie. blessed devices in the field), you have to not only save the build (which is enough for development devices) but also promote that build and then deploy it (updated your production devices).

Thanks for clearing this up.