Developer server - lost connections

I noticed the posting about some devices “with new connections” not working. However, nearly all of my devices have gone offline from an online condition–and had been pushing updates at least once per minute. There were no changes made to the devices/agents.

BTW, these devices appear to have gone offline briefly at 15:04 (EDT) and came back on about a minute later. They all appear to have gone back offline at about 15:40 (EDT).

If there’s a better place to post this type of info, please advise.

(I’m also seeing my face way too many times on this forum. Perhaps I’m getting a bit too vocal. Or I may merely need to remove my face)

OK. Seem to be back up and running at 16:25 (EDT). Thanks!

This looks like it was during the maintenance period? The IDE should have told you there was ongoing maintenance then a short period with developer imp strange behavior.

If you’re not subscribed, you can go to and get notifications by email/SMS/etc as well as seeing them in the IDE.