Developer edition vs Release version


what is the difference between imp s labelled developer edition, and the upcoming production release version?

Zero hardware differences, just top-side labeling. The production release units are for bundling with commercial hardware, and won’t be available in places like Sparkfun.

Don’t the Developer edition’s get free lifetime service based on their MAC address?

Yes they do. I was assuming the question was about hardware :slight_smile:

The question was about ALL differences… this includes the behavior of imp with imp ID chip as example, developer edition does accept BLANK atsha204 chip as serial id, is this the same for commercial one? Or do commercial release version need to bind the impee hardware that uses commercial imp with ATSHA204 pre-pgrammed with some vendor id and security token by electric imp (similar to the security chip in the apple accessories).

Can the commercial imp be used with more than one impee, different IDs or is will the commercial imp be locked to one impee id ?

How long will be the developer units be available for sales? Right now I was assuming that as soon as the developer editions is sold out, there will be no more developer version ever sold?

Behavior will change based on software, and on the user requirements.

ID chips are the same for everyone (ie, they all come blank from atmel, we don’t touch them in any way for any type of user), but a commercial impee will go through a registration procedure at their factory where the ID is associated with a hardware revision for that vendor, and from there to a specific vendor firmware - which may or may not be exposed for users to modify.

This is one of the things on the vendor dashboard, which is available only when there’s a commercial contract in place. At that point you also get things like the blinkup library code for iOS & Android, etc.

Commercial imps can be moved around too, but you may need to re-blinkup (as a vendor-specific blinkup tends to associate a device with a unique ID in their backend - not something we have access to).

We’ll keep selling developer editions, but reserve the right to alter pricing after this first batch - ie, when we have a really slick developer setup, it’s possible the card - with its perpetual connectivity - may get a little bit more expensive to cover this.

Even when this happens, this doesn’t affect people who have the original cards. We’re very glad you guys believed enough in the concept to buy cards and spend time trying them out!

(we’re only about halfway through the first batch, btw)

Can we buy additional cards directly from you now? You are slightly less expensive than Sparkfun and I seem to remember the shipping charges to Canada were less as well. Not a real issue but every $4.95 counts. :slight_smile: