Developer and production release for ImpOS 42?

Any indication when we can expect ImpOS 42 to start appearing in production ? Need to decide whether we invest in enabling our LAN App client for Bluetooth (with the IMP004 versions of our device only) or whether we wait for the UDP capabilities of V42. Obviously I would prefer the latter as that’s much more straithforward for the client…

It’s very close to feature complete; at that point there will be a general call for developers to opt-in to the release as it progresses through 42.x releases until no more bugs have been found.

If you’d like to live a little more dangerously, we can move devices to 41.x now for you to get started on development; the UDP features are complete and have been for many months. Other customers have been doing this for development of their local networking features.

W already have one of our devices in our main development setup on 41.21 Does that have all what is needed ?

Yes for UDP the last change was in 41.12, see