Deploy to all imps in a model - Deploy not enabled

We are a bunch of students from CMU trying Imp for connected sensors system. We were recently given access to use “IDE” tab. We really liked it, because it gives us flexibility to control a group of sensors.

We are wondering if we could deploy code to all the imps in a model (in one go). I see an option to “Deploy” but is never enabled. Please let us know if that is feasible or if there are alternatives.

Thank you.

If all the imps are one model, then they will all get the new code at their next boot - you don’t need the deploy button (which is for when you’re deploying to thousands of devices generally, and they’re not on your account).

If you’re using server.sleepfor/sleepuntil then all the imps of that model will get the code update at the next wake. Does that work for your application?

Thanks Hugo, That works for now.

Hi Hugo,

We have around 7 imps now and we are planning to buy more. We are making a sensor network based on imps and I am going to present it to the CMU community this week.

If you enable the “Deploy” option, it will be a great feature to demonstrate.


Sorry, the deploy button is only applicable for mass produced devices as I noted before (in imp terms, these are devices that are “blessed” as a particular hardware model).

There will be a way to push the latest code to all devices in a development model in a future IDE release, though, which is probably what you want… but it won’t be out this week :slight_smile: