Deploy new code to all of my devices

So right now I have 6 imp001 devices running the same code.
When I change code I have to click each device and click build and run.
Is there a way to tell the ide to send the new code to all of the devices running the same code?

That’s really what the commercial service helps with :slight_smile:

You could try using the build IDE, and write a script on your computer which asks the build IDE to restart each device?

As @Hugo says, it’s easy with the Build API: just send a single command to the model’s /restart endpoint, and all of that model’s devices will restart. More info, with example command-line code, here.

Thank you Hugo and smittytone.

It appears that all you have to do is have all of the imps under the same model and they all get updated when you change the model. What am I missing here?

They don’t get updated when you change the model, only the imp you had selected (if any) when you press build & run.

However, devices check for new code at any reconnection - so if your devices are sleeping & reconnecting regularly, they’ll get the new model code on their next connection. Reconnects are also triggered if your application code crashes.

Thanks for the clarification.