Deleteing a damaged IMP and April

Is using the “delete” button in the IDE sufficient when an IMP is beyond repair?

I’ve an IMP and April board that got water logged in the rain (ironically connected to a water meter) so I’m checking what is the best way to permanently remove both from the system.

Delete on the device (not the model) will delete it from the system. You should try drying out the imp, though - the cards are actually underfilled under the chips which makes them more water resistant that you might imagine. You may find the imp still works (as long as the april died in such a way that it didn’t pass excessive voltage to the imp…)

The once waterlogged IMP is working great and the golden pads are as shinny as new. I was sorta looking forward to cracking an IMP001 open, oh well, I win either way.

The April isn’t looking very good. White “mould” all over the components.

It’s real gold on the golden pads :slight_smile: (“hard gold”, which has some other metal mixed in there - good for contacts).

Try cleaning the april in isopropyl alcohol, and drying it thoroughly. Might work…

Here’s a high res photo of the inside of an imp (without the underfill) so you don’t feel like you’re missing out!