Debug Log on Factory Agent

I can’t see any logs coming through from the agent in the production log feature with factory logs turned on.

I’ll use Loggly for now, but just wondered if this is intentional?

Hmm things are getting stranger. If I make requests directly to the Fixture Agent then I’m getting logs from loggly, however when the Device Agent makes requests to the Fixture Agent I’m getting nothing in loggly, but I know the requests are going through because the Fixture Device is responding.

I am seeing a lot of Fixture Agent’s getting generated with different external ids, is this usual when I only have one Factory Fixture registered?

Also can we use Bullwinkle and Rocky in Fixture Agents? Not sure if there is something different going on where you shouldn’t use these libraries, maybe that’s the issue.

The firmware is called FF0002 on our account if you want to see if I’m doing anything wrong.


You can use Bullwinkle/Rocky in fixture agents.

We can’t pull firmware from the system for privacy reasons; if you want to file a ticket with your issue & attach the code, then we can look into it.

Great thanks, have done.