Deactivating Imps and IDE collaboration

I would like to deactivate an imp and move it to a 2nd account. First, how do i do this?
next, the premise: When trying to team develop refreshing every 15 seconds is not an option. Even when working on different models.
The long term solution: Make IDE support collaboration.

this is annoying!

  1. BlinkUp the device to the new accounts.
  2. From within the old account, click on the gear icon beside your device (make sure you click the device, and not the model) - then select ‘Delete Device.’

Step 2 is optional - the device will work fine in the new account without doing this, and the old account won’t be able to get information about the device until it’s re-blinkedup to the old account.

For multiple collaboration - I agree this is super annoying. The long term solution is actually to have an IDE API (currently in development) that will let you push code to devices over HTTPS. This will let folks create GIT integrations, IDE plugins, etc and provide a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of your development environment.

NICE i cant wait! that is super exciting!