Date() returning invalid month

It’s getting kind of late but I don’t believe I’m missing something here…
I was wondering if anyone using time() and/or date() is getting the incorrect month
local t = time(); //get time local d = date(t + ((-5) * 60 * 60)); // getdate server.log("Current Time: "+d.month+"/""/"+d.year+" @ "+d.hour+":"+d.min);
Response in the log:
Thu Mar 28 2013 00:07:50 GMT-0500 (CDT): Current Time: 2/28/2013 @ 0:7

When I take the value of “t” and convert it using it gives me the correct date/time which leads me to believe it’s an issue with date().

month ranges from 0 to 11

Yup! Thank you for your response. I actually woke up this morning realizing this and then checked the forums. It’s amazing the clarity after some sleep.