is it possible for electric imp read to read a mysql database? to exploit the data and use them


I don’t think this is possible, at least not directly. You would need to get your agent to read/write to the database via an API. Depending on the kind of data you want to access/store, an online database like Firebase might meet your needs - it has a web API for agents to use.

My idea is to set up my project electric imp with an cms

  • Create an account
  • Connect the device to my account
  • And set up my device

This is the exact scenario I use. I have a MySQL database with all the configuration information for the device (and agent). The agent calls a PHP script on a server that accesses the MySQL database based upon the device ID and builds a JSON string which is returned to the agent. The agent takes what needs to be sent to the device and sends it along and retains the balance. When the device gets it the message, it sets itself up and starts reporting data.

The data kept by the agent includes GroveStreams API key and component name. The device information includes stream name and type of input (thermistor, digital, AM2315, etc.).

This architecture has allowed me to quickly provision systems and yet maintain flexibility to change what is connected to each port and how the data is reported to GroveStreams.

Can be used wordpress cms?

Have you an example for the php script ?

here in more detail what I would do.
-create account
-sign in
-add a device (with mac address) is this possible?
-change the parameter of the device
-blink up the device

  • The device connects to the database has to retrieve the value of parameter

Am I correct in understanding that an imp (or many imps) will access your wordpress website and read a value?

Your imp will need to have agent code in order to use the API. If you take a brand new imp, create an account, blink it up, the imp will just sit there doing nothing. You need to program it.

Do you know what value it will be? Is the value something stored in your database via wordpress?

You will have a PHP script located on the website with your wordpress. An imp posts a request (such as an API key) and the PHP scripts gets the value(s) it needs and returns the value(s) back to the imp.

An example of a simple API would be an imp I have that turns on outdoor Christmas lights. I only want the lights to go on if it’s snowing and time is between 5PM and 11PM. So I have a PHP script on my website that goes to Weather Underground and gets the current weather conditions. If the word “snow” is in the current conditions, and the time is correct, the script returns “ON”, otherwise it returns “OFF”. The imp simply posts to my URL and looks at the response. I suppose I could have the imp access Weather Underground directly, but I can easily add other conditions to my PHP script … which for me is way easier than programming Squirrel.

WordPress is an example because it is a fairly reliable cms
my idea is to create a login page and adjustment

the parameters are variables

-create account
-sign in
-add a device (with mac address) is this possible?
-change the parameter of the device
-blink up the device

  • The device connects to the database has to retrieve the value of parameter

is it impossible?

I think it would work the other way around

create account
sign in
blink up device which assigns it

I’m still a bit confused …

This is the only step that will involve WordPress?

  • The device connects to the database has to retrieve the value of parameter

Am I correct?

If that is correct, the answer is Yes, it can be done.


I just want to find a way to record my object connected via an interface and not through the ide electric imp

how are the end users of connected objects manufactured with electric imp ?
it does not connect the ide electric imp but on the connected object web pasge

The way it works for non development devices, is that you got your own blink up app, with that you collect user info, and then you can assign that device to the user entered in the app. On your object/site you then again use the user to identify the user, and then you can look in your database for the device that got assigned to the user on blink up.

it means that one is forced to go through the sdk bkink up
with iphone or android.
you can not create an account on a web interface

That is correct, however the SDK now supports indirect configuration, ie. without using BlinkUp. So if your device has Bluetooth, say, your configuration app can use Bluetooth to pass the device WiFi log-in details (and the authorisation data the device needs to access our cloud service). However, you will have to build Bluetooth device support.

we must necessarily pass through the sdk
where do you find the sdk ?

There’s a contact email address on this page:

The SDK is currently only made available to commercial partners. To see if you qualify, @baudetd, please drop sales a line.