Data (property) to IBM Watson IoT?


I’m trying to setup a connection between the eimp agent and IBM Watson IoT, via the following code:

`< setting up the device type and device  and IBM Watson init >


local data = { "d": { "temperature": 24.3 }, "ts": watson.formatTimestamp() };

watson.postData(typeID, deviceID, eventID, data, function(error, response) {
        if (error) server.error(error);

Some parts seems to work, while I can see my typeID, deviceID and eventID also at IBM Watson. Good!

However, the data is not transfered (?) and the IBM Watson property (ie the “temperature” data from eimp) is not selectable. Not good!

Eimp log shows the error:

    [Agent]	error: Error: Unexpected error

I guess the problem is on the eimp side, right?
Help would be greatful!

Well, too easy after all, I found out that all you need was to update to version 1.1.0, ie:

#require “IBMWatson.class.nut:1.1.0”

Now it works as intended.
So, issue closed!