Customers MUST Update iOS BlinkUp Apps to New SDK 19.8.0

Last week, we announced the forthcoming availability of new iOS and Android BlinkUp™ SDKs which will be mandatory upgrades for all mobile apps that include BlinkUp. Following Google’s decision to reject Symantec certificates, the new SDKs use alternative server authentication certificates which means that existing certificates will no longer be valid.

As the first stage in the transition process, we have today released the new BlinkUp SDK for iOS as version 19.8.0. The Android release will follow shortly, and we will notify you when it too has been posted.

iOS SDK 19.8.0 can be downloaded from the Dev Center.

Customers should immediately update all iOS apps which incorporate BlinkUp to make use of the new SDK. iOS apps which do not include the new SDK will not be able to access the Electric Imp impCloud™ from 18 April, 2018.

This update is part of Electric Imp’s ongoing commitment to ensure that it continues to provide its customers with the most secure Internet of Things platform.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this important update, please don’t hesitate to contact Electric Imp Support via Zendesk or post your questions here.

I was asked this separately, so I’m adding it here as additional info.

  • This update will have no effect on imps themselves. If they have been already activated with BlinkUp at April 18, 2018, they will continue to run as before without change. Devices which have not been activated at that date will then only be able to be activated with an app based on the new SDKs, but once activated they will run their Squirrel application code as normal.

  • The updated SDK’s changes are not app facing, so updating your app is just a matter of building it with the new SDK, doing minimal re-testing, then releasing (including app store review) it as a minor new version. We also recommend you begin to communicate with your customers about the upcoming need to update the version of your app that they are currently using.