Customers MUST Update ALL Android BlinkUp Apps with New SDK

We recently announced the availability of a mandatory update for our iOS BlinkUp™ SDK. We are pleased to announce that the equivalent Android SDK, version 6.3.0, is now available to download from the Electric Imp Dev Center.

Customers should immediately update any Android apps which incorporate BlinkUp to adopt the new SDK. Android and iOS apps which do not use the new SDK will not be able to access the Electric Imp impCloud™ from 18 April, 2018.

Following Google’s decision to reject Symantec certificates, both new SDKs use alternative server authentication certificates which means that existing certificates will no longer be valid.

This update is part of Electric Imp’s ongoing commitment to ensure it continues to provide its customers with the most secure Internet of Things platform.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this important update, please don’t hesitate to contact Electric Imp Support via Zendesk or post your questions here.