Custom pads in Eagle

Have anyone here tried to make custom shaped pads in Eagle?

In all the guides on how to do it, they all tell to start out with making the shape with the polygon tool, then place a smd pad over it with the center inside the polygon. Eagle should then detect the polygon and turn it into a pad too, except mine doesn’t.

Here I am trying to make the pad for this voltage regulator, in the SOT-89 package. (page 21)

Although not a direct answer to your question: just copy an existing component with SOT-89 footprint to your own library and make use of its package for your own component. Why go through this hassle if the work has already been done for you… ;).

Because I want to learn how to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean a custom pad in the device package, or a custom polygon on the board?

If you have a polygon shape of your own liking on layer Top and you put a pad inside it then I think you will have a working pad. Eagle may not say it is a pad but you will get the same results. You will have to draw your own figures for tStop and tCream and maybe you should uncheck those options of the pad that you put in the middle of the polygon.

Sorry if the layer names don’t match with yours. I don’t know how universal those things are.

I have done small modifications to a pad doing something similar to this but I built my custom shape by arranging multiple pads. When I created the device I connected multiple pads to one pin on the symbol. Eagle will do this.

close enough :slight_smile:

looks good! Are you using Mayhew Labs 3d gerber viewer? looks like it.

I am no expert, but I have made my share of mistakes. One mistake I made recently is not leaving enough clearance between pads and the ground or power plane. I had so many shorts underneath capacitors that I abandoned the build to save time and just considered that build a loss - and a valuable learning experience.

You could play with different “Isolate” values on the polygon pour. A larger value might be better for you. to my eye it looks like the poor is getting pretty close and tight to the other traces.

This is only 0805, and soldered with these settings before, should not be a problem. :slight_smile:

Yeah, using this one nice way to double check the design and see if it looks right. Biggest problem is how the silkscreen is always broken. :confused:

And here is the entire pcb.

looks awesome Mikey :slight_smile: determination pays we say here in Holland. Keep us posted

Still need to find the terminals I want to use for the relays.