Could an Electric Imp load new code onto an Arduino?

I know this sounds like kind of a crazy idea, but given that the Electric Imp can be given new code ‘over the air’, if I were to connect one to the appropriate pins on an Arduino, would it be possible to send a new program to the Arduino, using the Electric Imp as a conduit of sorts?

I’ve seen an example on Sparkfun where they talk about connecting two Arduinos using two Imps as go-betweens… which led me to wonder whether it would be possible to use two Imps as go-betweens from computer to Arduino… and program them?

(Of course, if this were possible and supported in some official capacity, I’m sure there could be a much cooler way to do it, like making a special plug-in for the Arduino IDE and creating some sort of virtual TCP programming port that was bound to an Imp, the net result being that pins 5/7 would act as the computer for programming the Arduino it was connected to…)

But before all that, I guess I’m just wondering whether there are any limitations to the hardware or software that would make it impossible, or really difficult, to do any of this in the first place?


Great, thanks for the link!