Cost to use imp

New to imp. Based on my limited understanding of the architecture, there is a monthly or annualy service fee per device charged by the company. If it’s true, would you please let me know the cost structure to build an IoT platform around imp? Thanks

Are you an actual company creating an IoT product, or a guy tinkering with electronics in the garage?

The latter one.

Hugo would be the one to describe any future cloud costs. I think that subject has been “not determined” yet, at least for developer use.

You can still get an imp001 with April board, and even an imp002. Both are being retired, so it’s imp003, imp004 (coming soon, sort of like imp002), and imp005 (coming).

For “developer” use, the imp cloud is free. I can only guess it will remain free for normal/reasonable use, but they made no promises that I know of. Extensive use with many imps, would probably be in question. Commercial use is done separately between Imp and the client.

I’ve had an Imp001 controlling my garage door for 2 years now with my developer account. I only have 3 imps in use at any given time.

The IoT can be free too. It depends on how much data storage and I/O. I have a website though, so I can collect my own data and do whatever I want with whatever data I need. I make my own controls. The agent can host it’s own web pages too. The possibilities are endless.


Developer use has always been free and will continue to be so - see the terms & conditions though regarding commercial usage (ie, if you need to make 20 sensors for your house that’s still free, but if you start selling them to people then that’s commercial use).

The platform has to be easy - and cheap - to get started with so people can prove out their concepts, and experiment with the tools to build confidence. There’s nothing more convincing than having built something on the platform years ago and having had zero trouble with it ever since :slight_smile:

I’ve had zero trouble with it ever since I installed by garage door imp. Well, I had a loss of WiFi once, but that was CenturyLink, not the imp. The imp is also non-evasive in that I can use my garage door the “old” way any time I want. The other projects haven’t been permanent fixtures. But I’ve banged around my imp pretty bad, gotten it wet, had external sensors chewed by rodents … it still works regardless.

mlseim: “You can still get an imp001 with April board, and even an imp002. Both are being retired, so it’s imp003, imp004 (coming soon, sort of like imp002), and imp005 (coming).”

Are these new imps described anywhere? And will they cost more or less than “retired” imps? Amazon is already “out of stock” on $20 “development kits” than included both an imp and April board. If new imp/development boards cost more, that would discourage experimenters and hobbyists.

The imp003 is pretty cool, but can be difficult/impossible to home assemble without a bit of experience. I’ve see one assembled module for purchase ( but it’s a bit pricey!

Electric imp did release a reference design for the imp003, but you still have to get them assembled. At low quantities, it will be just as expensive as the one on tindie.

It looks like the cost there is largely driven by the BOM cost. See the price for just the MCU here:

In another thread, Hugo discussed the imp004 will be very similar to the imp002. I’m assuming it might come on a nice breakout board like the imp002? It’s whoever builds it on the board will determine the cost (Sparkfun, Adafruit, Makershed, etc).

The devkits are being restocked at amazon - really, if you’re getting started, the $30 kit with environmental sensor & LED tails is a great starting point. Those are in stock.

imp003 module is well under $10 for production - but distributors have to make a living too. I suspect that may be why the “pesky products” 003 breakout is expensive. We will be selling our own Amy boards in the future at a lower price - but they’re not a tiny form-factor.

There will be an 004 breakout, yes.

Yes, the high price of the Pesky Products IMP003 breakout is driven mostly by the high cost of the IMP003 module. It also takes me a fair amount of time to hand assemble them.

I am at that awkward stage where it doesn’t quite make sense for me to order a 100 unit run at a fab but I am getting tired making the IMP003 breakout boards since I do have other tasks to accomplish!

If the demand increases I can achieve some economies of scale, produce a batch at a fab, and lower the costs.

Even at 500 unit production though, the price is unlikely to drop below about $30; this is just because the module alone still costs ~$15 at this volume.

Ideally, two or three users of this breakout board would agree to buy 25 or 50 and this would be enough to turn production over to my fab in China so I could more easily meet demand and could perhaps lower the cost to something more attractive to other potential users.

Chicken and egg at the moment.

Ping me an email - we can probably sort out a better price for you as you’re making a board that helps other customers. hugo@.

Sent you a PM.

Thought about using Kickstarter or somesuch? Not as a mass product launch of course, but simply as a way of seeing if, say, 100 imp users are willing to buy a $xx imp003 breakout. Seems a good way to get buying commitments without stumping up the production cost ahead of time.

I’ve had enough demand to warrant a 100 unit production run. The big tail wagging the dog for even more demand is board cost, which means module cost,

I’m guessing at $20 per module I will sell tens, and at $10 per module I will sell hundreds. We’ll see where she ends up…