Controlling other devices with Bluetooth

Having looked at the imp Bluetooth API, it seems that it is designed to allow the imp to be controlled over Bluetooth. Are there plans to extend this so that the imp can control another device over Bluetooth?

I think you’re asking for BLE central support, which I don’t believe is on the roadmap.

Thanks Hugo. yes it is central support that we would require. Looks like we’ll have to find another technique.

Various people have done this with an ESP32 running the AT firmware; the Twilio asset tracker (which uses imp006) uses this connection and there may be libraries available there. @DillonImp ?

We haven’t exactly packaged it up as a library, but the Asset Tracker application is at GitHub - twilio/programmable-asset-tracker: Programmable Asset Tracker Application Code (and MIT licensed)

This was developed against ESP-AT version for the ESP32-C3
programmable-asset-tracker/ESP32Driver.device.nut at main · twilio/programmable-asset-tracker · GitHub is probably what you’re after. There’s also code in the esp32 directory for programming the ESP32 over the air, but it’s a quick & dirty implementation. It needs some effort for production use, but it does work.

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