Control when to upgrade

How is upgrades to the devices started, I notice my imps or agents restart every few days, and would like more control over that to prevent a restart during “critical” phases.
Something like a pair of functions to avoid restarting the device without disconnecting the wifi.

Not like people dieing over the restart, but if the imp for example is controlling a game clock, device restarts would really suck, agent restarts are more acceptable.

Just a thought… you might want to consider moving any Imps that control projects that you consider more critical to a commercial server. The developer servers are just that, a development environment, and the development community does not go easy on it. This is something that I intend to do with projects like my garage door, security system, ect.

How would you do so short of going full tilt with the commercial agreement, custom apps, etc ?
But even on the commercial server, you would need to prevent the imp from getting upgrades (not code updates, the firmware) during the count.

All good questions for EI… but I don’t think the transition would be difficult.

We’re working on APIs to have more control over when you’re imp restarts. Basically, the server will send a restart request to the imp and/or agent… and you’ll be able to code a “restart handler” to decide what should happen before the restart occurs.

In the example of a game clock, you could have a flag for whether or not a game is in progress, and wait until the flag is set to “Game Done” before restarting.

Sounds good :slight_smile: