Control more than one Imp with a webapp


I went thru a nice example (Impower - The (Electric Imp powered) Internet Connected AC Outlet) which is pretty good for a single Imp but it got me thinking how to get such app to control few imp in a single view.
Any example of this?


No feedback, am I asking something dumb or not possible?

Don’t have a specific example, but this is not a tricky task so it’s certainly possible. You’d need to maintain a list of agent URLs (one for each imp, obviously) from which the user can select. Upon the selection of an imp, the UI has to update accordingly. It’s relatively easy if you hard-code it for the imps you know; rather harder to deal with an arbitrary number of imps, i.e. do you have 2 or 200? At this point you probably need to store the details in a database (locally or remotely through a web service)

PS. Some guidance on how to do this in an app context in the Community Site.