Control lights and model trains using imp

Hello I have a train model and I want to use imp to control the lightning and the music system I have in the background using an android app that I developed. Is this possible? If so, can I make it so other people can download the same app and do the same thing?

What is the train model system ?

You sure can, and that sounds like a great project!

Your app will communicate with your Imp Agent. Anyone using the app will be doing it at the same time. Example, there are 3 people in the room holding smartphones in their hands. Person 1 turns on a light. Person 2 turns on another light. The 3rd person needs to see that happen on their app. You have to be able to update everyone’s app so they can see which lights are on and which lights are off. So the communication has to go back and forth without someone pressing buttons on their phones (in real-time).

The Imp001 has 6 pins. If that is a limitation, you can use Imp002, which has 12. More I/O than that would require an added I/O distribution board (SPI or UART)? The same thing goes for analog signals. It would probably cheaper and easier to have multiple Imps controlling different things.

You can buy the Imp002 already on a board w/blinkup hardware existing on the board as well:

what existing i/o does your sound and lighting have?