Constant red on the imp's LED


I was trying to configure an imp 001 and got a contsnt red LED (not blinking) and this status wasn’t indicated in the troubleshooting Guide (
Please advise…


Solid red sounds like broken imp, I’m afraid. There’s no solid red code that’s seen on any developer imp.

Does it ever flash, or is it just solid red from power up?

It changed colors, green, orange then solid red, no flashing

Strange, does sound like a hardware issue though.

Thanks Hugo

I´m stuck with this issue also.
Any ideas???

You probably don’t want to hear this answer, but I would assume the imp001 has gone bad. It could be the imp itself, the board, or the connector. You would be much happier and can do much more with the imp003. The newest imps are probably overkill for hackers like us. The imp003 has been perfect for my projects. Comes all ready to go. Blink it up and you’re done.

Still available and only $30 + shipping.

It is all on one circuit board, is faster, has more IO and is only slightly larger in size.

Here is my latest imp003 project. It’s solar, uses a LifePo4 battery, and is running perfect in Minnesota at -20 degrees outdoors.