Connection instability with multiple identical SSID

We are experiencing a situation where one trial customer is experiencing very frequent connectin losses. After verification I noticed that he has defined at least 3 access points with the same SSID on the same channel (and I assume with the same password).All of them with a sufficiently strong signal. Can this cause such frequent connection loss behaviour (ie the IMP jumps to another access point). ?

Imp used is an IMP001.


  1. what is the reason for such design?
  2. that isn’t clever decision, more - that is design to improve connection loss. WiFi basics will give detailed answer.
  3. he can test design with any computer, smartphone on tablet by trying to stream video.
  4. take away 2 of 3 and everything will work ok.

I don’t really know. I didn’t want to challenge his Wifi NW design yet before asking the question here, but will give the feedback that this is a possible cause of his problems.

If you are controlling your wifi connection programmatically, you may be able to get the imp to stay on a single BSSID by using It’s only available on release 38. I believe it was exposed for these sorts of situations.

More info on this would be useful - can you do a network scan and post it? (after hiding the BSSIDs and SSIDs).

We can provide more diagnostics if you submit a support ticket with the device ID and a time period - eg we can tell you whether the wireless chipset decided to start a roam etc.