Connecting to RPi with uart


I am trying to connect imp with Raspberry Pi via serial. First I tried it with arduino from this tutorial:
and that worked nice so I thought it could be similar with RPi, I am using the same code and I am able to read the booting text of RPi, but than I am probably not able to send commands to RPi and when I send something (dmesg or ls) output is usualy just bunch of number (I am using tochar() function but still just numbers).

I haven’t done this exact combination but sure seems like it would work. A couple of things;

  1. on Raspbian the uart pins are dedicated to act as a console by default and you have to turn off that feature to enable the pins to be used as a regular serial port. I Googled around and found some complicated instructions… and then later found out this is in the raspi-config menu.

  2. Check which speeds are allowed on the pi. For example, I first tried 14400 and this was not one of the supported speeds.

btw, I used Python and pySerial.

I tried 115200 for baudrate and it was good for reading the data,

I will try your suggestions to turn off console in raspi config menu. Thanks.