Connecting ImpCloud to AWS IoT core

I am new to Electric Imp. Can someone point me to documentation on sending data from Electric Imp cloud to AWS IoT Core ? , I couldn’t find any document for the same. My doubt is how can I setup a secure https connection using SSL ,between IMP cloud and AWS IoT core, using the certificates generated from AWS IoTCore .I searched for the documents and I couldn’t find anything.Any help will be appreciated.


HTTP calls made via Agents do use HTTPS, but it’s not possible to substitute your own certs for the Agent’s.

In that case how can I securely connect this impcloud to AWS IoT core, I couldn’t find any API which refers to connection to AWS IoT core. Do we have any public documents for to setup connection to AWS IoT core?

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We don’t have specific documentation for AWS IoT Core. But I suggest you start by taking a look at our AWS Request V4 library, which you can to make requests to AWS’ IoT device data and service endpoints using SigV4 for auth.

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