Connecting 20 Electric imps to an iPhone

Is it possible to connect an iPhone to 20 different imps?
If yes, how it would be?

Thanks in advance,

The iPhone hotspot only supports 5 devices at once, I believe.

For 20 devices you’d need a proper hotspot - check the specs.

Do you mean what Hugo said … using an iPhone as a hot spot?

Or do you mean that you have 20 imps in all different places, and they each are already connected to WiFi … then using an iPhone to do something to any of them at one time?

Or to use one iPhone to BlinkUp 20 imps?

  1. I want to use an iPhone to to do something to each of them while they are already connected to their own wiFi. (20 or 1000 imp with 20 or 1000 wiFi)

  2. Am I be able to connect the imps to the GPRS modem? (if I don’t access to wiFi)

  3. What kind of electric imp would you suggest me if I need to have 15 inputs and 10 outputs together with internet module?

Oh, just using the phone to talk to the agents is no problem at all.

Current imps are wifi or ethernet only. We have commercial customers who use hotspots with the imps to get them on cellular, this works well in production but obviously isn’t very cheap.

The imp005 has that many GPIOs (imp003 only has a total of 23). Are these just plain GPIOs?

  1. Connect imp to the internet:
    I’ve found out that I’m able to connect imp to the ADAFRUIT’S FONA GSM/GPRS BOARD.

Can you describe what your project is?