Connect to breadboard without soldering?

I’m new to electric Imp, and I’m now trying the tutorials.
So far I got everything up and running, but I’m having trouble connecting my breakout board with the Imp card to a regular old breadboard. I don’t know anything about soldering. Is there a simpler way to create a steady connection between breakout board and breadboard? I am talking about the attached image:

I’m afraid you’re at least going to have to solder a header onto your imp breakout board if you want to make a reliable connection to your proto board. (You could try to use the header w/o soldering it to make the connection, but I really wouldn’t recommend this as you’d just be relying on pin contact to the plated-thru holes on the breakout. This would likely be very intermittent). Past that, you’d just use leaded components (no soldering) to complete your proto board.

(Soldering the header should be no big deal with an inexpensive iron. Nothing to fear here … I’d say just give it a go. I’m sure there are some nice soldering tutorials online. Sparkfun perhaps?)

Thanks! I did get a few of those headers, but I was hoping there was a way to “click” them in place, like you can do with a breadboard. If soldering is really necessary that makes the product somewhat less accessible. But I’m going to try it!

Or, how about solderless headers?

Looks like they should work … (at least it seems like it would be more reliable that the standard header). Soldering, however, is still the recommended option.

It may be that soldering (at least for nice large things such as pin-headers) is easier than you expect. Even I can more-or-less do it, and I’m usually terrible at those sorts of things. Get a friend to show you, or maybe see if there’s some good Youtube tutorials…