Connect to any public WiFI? (aka promiscuous mode)

Just got my imp up and running and I’m wondering how I can ask it to connect to any public hotspot? This way it can collect data and upload whenever it can. I can’t find any hint this is possible since it seems to be tethered to the initial WiFi network. Is this possible or on the roadmap?

You would need to reblink it (re-commission) each time, with each WiFi change.

I assume you enter the ID, but leave the password blank? If the WiFi doesn’t have a password?

Multiple configured hotspots coming soon?

You really need the wifi scan API, which is not in the next release, along with the one to set SSID and password. Both those together would then allow you to be fairly promiscuous with open APs :slight_smile:

So does that mean there will be an alternative to using the blinkup method for configuring the Wifi ? Not that I don’t like the blinkup, it’s great, but such an alternative would be interesting nevertheless…
But that would also mean there needs to be some initial bootloader that uses for instance the UART for the configuration…or would the blinkup method always be needed at least once (eg during production) ?

You still need to use blinkup for initial configuration, yes.

Technically, you could reconfigure wifi after that point, but blinkup transfers tokens as well as wifi information - tokens that are essential for the device to talk to our server. These don’t get changed by the wifi settings API.

sort of related…

my request is to have multiple wifi configurations available, not necessarily to use open ones. Of course I don’t know the details but isn’t it sort of easy to do that? if wifi connection failed on one setting it could try a second one.

I would like to take projects between work and home without re-blinkup, which in my current project requires me to do some disassembly.

not yet, is coming

@mjkuwp94 you get to specify ssid and password so yes, non-open configs are possible.

Hut, Dare i ask when the multiple configurations will be available? on April 4 you made a statement in this discussion that “wifi scan API” is “not in the next release”.

The release dates have been somewhat elastic, so it seems hard to wait for the one after the next one.

No timescale for multiple configs right now (ie, where the imp would know many networks and try them in order). ie, not in the next release and unlikely to be in releases coming up after that.

However, the wifi settings API will be available so you’ll be able to use that to emulate the same behavior - but obviously you’ll need to keep your list of SSID/passwords that you iterate through, and write the code yourself. This can be done without the wifi scan API, it’s just lower performance as you’ll have to attempt join repeatedly with each credential until one works.