Connect a USB device

Hello can the usb port be used to connect a usb keyboard for example?

I have a big problem
Arduino, Beablebone, cubieboard etc have USB as default however to read external hw, for wifi i need to buy extra hardware.Could be a problem with drivers, etc

So i have Electric imp , wifi defaults but no USB to read for example keystrokes from a keyboard.

My goal is to read an RFID reader.
Either i program one, this takes me a lot of time that i dont have now or i use a simpler solution

this one

I dont have to program it , it acts like a usb keyboard and outputs the value of the card to the usb port.
A lot simpler but i need usb in my electric imp

I´m stuck

Help apreciated
Thank you

sorry, USB is only for power

We actually wrote some code for a Parallax Serial RFID Reader.

It’s super simple:

`//Shortcuts and Globals
uart <- hardware.uart12;
en_l <- hardware.pin1;
id <- “”;
last <- “”;

function toggleLED(){

function uartCallback(){
local b =;
while( b > 0){
//Look for newline
if(b == 13){
if(id != last){
imp.wakeup(5,function(){id = “”; last = “”;});
server.log(“ID: “+id);
last = id;
id = “”;
}else if( b > 32){
id += format(”%c”,b);
b =;


uart.configure(2400, 8, PARITY_NONE, 1, NO_CTSRTS | NO_TX, uartCallback);

//Enable The RFID Reader

I need 13.56Mhz reader
Also the price is high compared to some chino alternatives


A quick search for 13.56Mhz serial rfid readers turns up a few results, here’s one that might be promising…

You could also look into a FTDI USB -> Serial converter chip of some kind.

i like this one because the arduino code seems very compact.