Configuring SparkFun Breakout Board

I have been using a Developers imp and April board since August together to make small projects.
I purchased a Breakout Board from Sparkfun and placed my Developers imp inside it. I can not get the imp and board to be recognized together (I do have power to it). In the Planner the imp and board come up as a “imp.unboundsq” project that can not be edited. When I upload code to the editor the save button locks up with an hour glass.

This what the log looks like:
Sunday, November 25, 2012 18:39:30: Device booting
Sunday, November 25, 2012 18:39:30: Device configured to be "Blank"
Sunday, November 25, 2012 18:57:39: Power state: online=>offline

If I try to load a project, that worked together with the developer imp and the April, with the Sparkfun board and the Developer imp I get a “No device connected” error message.

Can the Breakout Board from Sparkfun be used with a Developers imp? If they can what needs to be configured to get them to work together?

Your setup should be fine. You can’t edit unboundsq - but have you tried writing a new script (code tab, press plus) and assigning it to the imp?

Assign by clicking the settings button on the impee in the planner and picking the new firmware from the popup. Then, you can use the edit button on the impee to access the editor, run code, etc.

Thank You!