Config file - where

Curious to know how others are managing config items, like API keys.

I wanted to post some sample code to github so I was going to clear out my api keys, etc. but then I thought perhaps I could put them in a config file and not post that… but how? Seems it’s the endless tedium of clearing API keys before each update.

Which begs another question… will there be any connectivity to github, bitbucket, etc within the web ide; like the Adafruit WebIDE?

any tips welcome…

There’s no config file, but you can always store them to the agent’s storage (with and then you can just load them with server.load hence they are not in your code.

There may be github etc connectivity at some point, but before then will be a command line interface to the HTTP API so you can just edit with your favourite local editor and push the code to the imp service.