Communicating with the imp locally

hello everybody,
I wondering about how the imp will behave if the Wifi network that it is connected to lost the internet connection? can I still control it locally through the Wifi without the internet? or it will consider this as connection loss and will try to re-connect to the internet?
the project that i’m working require me to stay connected to the device even with no internet connection? can I do it with the imp?

Ok, I just got the answer from another discussion, and it is NO, the imp will only talk to you through its server side (Agent). this is cool if my use case doesn’t require me to communicate locally, but in my case i have to do so!

Don’t forget the imp can communicate locally through directly connected peripherals, even Bluetooth. Worth a look if your application only needs the for Internet comms.

The imp can operate offline quite happily (see ‘Running an imp Offline’)

This is cool, thanks for sharing.
so I may use Wifi for online communication and BLE for local communication, I’ll give it a try.

You could of course also get the imp device to connect with another wifi module via (I2C/SPI/TTL) for local access too as personally I find BLE can get messy trying to link with say a phone and say an app … assuming that is how you mean by “stay connected to the device”. With a WiFi module you have an option to create a local web-server with html page for local access through web-browser. Quicker and easier than building app.

For the really brave at heart there are these uber cheap wifi modules that have come onto the market:

Or there is the cc3200 launchpad for around $30: or the cc3000 for slightly more @$35 ( There are other handy wifi modules available as well (Digi XBee, RN-XV WiFly).

These all would work well for local access as no messing with port forwarding and the rest at router level to get remote / secure outside access if it’s needed.

The cc3200 has good options for IDE as well – has Energia (Arduino style - easier to use) or their CCS (Eclipse style - more difficult if never used before).

you are right, I worked with BLE module before and they were like hell to use.
I should give wifi module a try. thank you :slight_smile: