Communicate to a DHT11 Humidity/Temp sensor

Has any one tried writing code to read the humidity and temperature from a DHT11 sensor? It seems like a simple project with just the sensor and a resistor besides the imp and imp BOB.

That would be interesting. Hardware-wise it looks easy, but not software-wise. A lot of timing back and forth on one pin, and switching back and forth between pin out and pin in? It would be beneficial to look at how they do it with an Arduino:

One pin is switched back and forth between output and input to handle timed clocked pulses both directions. The timing is critical. The delays and counters are already defined by looking at the DHT.cpp code. It’s a matter of converting to Squirrel and the imp.

They also show serial communication to the PC (for hyperterminal display) because it’s an Arduino. You of course would not need that for the imp … sending data to a website instead.