Commissioning with Kindle Fire

Hi everyone,

Probably a naive question, but can Kindle Fire be used for commissioning the electric imp? Can someone please let me know the procedure to do so? Will really appreciate!


You need an app. There is an app for Android:

I also have a Kindle Fire, but have not tried to use the Android app … yet. Because it’s not a “Kindle app”, you have to manually install it, forcing an install of an app not ‘approved’ for Kindle. Kindle is an Android system locked in Amazon’s jail cell.

As of now, I’ve been using the Windows version with my desktop PC (LCD monitor).

If I get ambitious (and brave) enough to attempt the Android app, I’ll post back with my results. I’ve heard the Android app is “iffy” on different devices.

If your imp is running recent software, the android app is much much less “iffy” because we changed our protocol to deal with android’s foibles.

Thanks Hugo … I might have the motivation now to test it out. Will post what happens.