Commissioning problem with satellite link up

Hi, I just got a couple of new imp’s and sparkfun breakout boards. Unfortunately I can’t get them commissioned at my main access point. I live in a remote location with a satellite internet link up, so I’m pretty sure my problem is to do with this router setup. I went into town today to borrow a normal wifi network, and got my imps commissioned with no problems. I was hoping that getting them commissioned and letting them update any firmware might fix my router issues, but I still have the same problem after returning to my main access point.
Blink up is with iPhone5 iOS6 and works fine.
Here’s a round up of the issue and my network setup:

  • ipSTAR satellite terminal (iCON series, model: IPX-3200). I’m in Japan.
  • LAN from the satellite terminal goes to an AirMac Extreme Base Station
  • base station sending WLAN with no password, changed about every setting available with no luck.
  • clear wireless config from imp
  • blink network config to imp (iPhone5 iOS6)
  • after blink up, I get one green flash, followed by 1 second repeated orange/red (orange then red in very quick succession), for one minute, then off.

Where should I start trouble shooting this? I guess my use case is pretty rare, but would be amazing if imps worked anywhere with any router, which I’m sure is your goal.

Interesting. Is it really an airmac extreme or an airport extreme? We use an airport extreme in the office with pretty much default settings.

What DNS does the ipSTAR provide? There’s a possibility that it’s doing DNS relay due to the long latency of satellite connections, and there’s a known issue with some DNS relays and release-11 (IMO it’s a bug in the DNS relay, but we can workaround it).

You could try setting the airport extreme to use hardcoded DNS servers (eg for google), which might bypass the DNS relay in the satellite terminal?

it’s an AirMac Extreme, pretty old I guess.
Sorry, I don’t know much about network stuff, but here’s what I’ve figured out, any pointers most welcome!

Looking in the AirPort utility for the base station, in the Internet tab, “connect using: DHCP”, in the DNS servers it had these two entries by default.

I’ve just deleted the first entry and left only the google entry, restarted the base station, but same problem.

In the airport utility, I can see the imp connected to the base station in the list of wireless clients, it’s got an IP address assigned, and if I hover over that IP a window pops up with MAC address (so I know it’s my imp).

Anything else I can try to narrow this down? Thanks for your great and swift support!

Ahhh ok, so it’s is an apple product. Seems like Airport Extremes were called AirMac extremes in Japan, at least at some point.

Given we’ve never seen issues with the apple wifi, my suspicions lie with the IPX-3200. I can’t find a decent manual for it online - does it offer anything like “DNS relay” in its setting menu?

documentation for the IPX-3200 is here
I can access the router web configuration window, but need admin privileges to make any changes or see anything relevant. So I’ve gotta ask ipSTAR to sort this out for me. What exactly should I be asking them? Is there a DNS entry they need to add or something? What is the imp service address that the imp is trying to access?
I’ve gotta communicate this to them in Japanese so a simple rundown of questions or tasks would be helpful

The imp server it connects to is - but I doubt that’s the problem. More likely is that its doing something with DNS; without being able to see the options available it’s hard to determine what might help with your problem.

A satellite router may well have a DNS cache to improve performance. If there’s a way to disable this (make it pass through) then that would be a good thing to try.

ipStar say there is no DNS cache feature on the IPX-3200.
Any other ideas?

Not really, I’m afraid. Release-13 (which is just release-11 with the DNS relay workaround) is rolling out now; when this update happens you may want to try again and see if it helps with your issue too.

PM me your mac address and I can ensure you get it sooner rather than later.